Luminosity Sensor Breakout GY 2561 – TSL2561


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The TSL2561 SparkFun Luminosity Sensor Breakout is a sophisticated light sensor which has a flat response across most of the visib…

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The TSL2561 Luminosity sensor module is a light to the digital interface module. The sensor contains two photodiodes, one which can detect visible light and infrared (IR), and a second which can detect IR light. Two integrating analog-to-digital converters (ADC) integrate currents from the two photodiodes to produce a digital representation of the light intensity hitting the sensor. Communication to the device is accomplished through a standard, two-wire I2C serial bus. Consequently, the TSL256x device can be easily connected to a microcontroller or embedded controller. No external circuitry is required for signal conditioning. Solderable jumper pads on the module allow 3 possible I2C addresses to be selected for up to 3 sensors or other I2C devices to co-exist on the same bus. An onboard regulator means the module can be powered from a convenient 5V source.


Approximates Human Eye Response

Programmable Interrupt Function with User-Defined Upper and Lower Threshold Settings

16-Bit Digital Output with SMBus (TSL2560) at 100 kHz or I2C (TSL2561) Fast-Mode at 400 kHz

Programmable Analog Gain and Integration Time Supporting 1,000,000-to-1 Dynamic Range
Automatically Rejects 50/60-Hz Lighting Ripple
Low Active Power (0.75 mW Typical) with Power Down Mode RoHS Compliant

Power supply: 5V
Interface: I2C (0x39 default, 0x29 or 0x49 optional)
Module dimensions: 19mm x 14mm

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